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About Sanitising Boothes

Our Booths have a standard size of  1.2 m x 1.5 m which can be expanded to meet your requirements. We have closed off the inside and outside so that there are no pipes or wiring that are exposed. The pump and components are enclosed in a services compartment. The spray nozzels are atomising which causes the fluid to break apart into a fine spray. The floors are Vastrap to provide a better non slip grip.

Optional Extras

  • WIFI Operated System
  • Wheel Chair Friendly
  • Semi-Auto Fill System
  • Semi-Auto Maintenance Purge System
  • High and Low Level Sensors
  • Booth Light

All Booths Come with

  • Schematic Drawing
  • Electrical Compliance Certificate
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Maintenance Tutorial Video
  • Auto Fill Tutorial Video

Some Of Our Main Features

Non Touch Sanitiser Dispenser

Maintenance Function

Wifi Operated System

Wheel Chair Friendly

Alarm activated

Control Voltage

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